Lesson 2

What a great lesson today! First we listened to our ‘YouTube Champion’, Remi, read out two of Roald Dahl’s poems:

The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me

The Centipede’s Song

We identified rhymes and learned a little bit about alliteration, and then we read the start of our class book, The Chocolate Touch, together.

We completed a short exercise to revise present simple endings and then we watched a video of different toy adverts. We talked about the purpose of advertising (persuading us to buy something), how does adverts do this (make us feel like we need the product), and what they don’t include (negative information). We looked at several print examples and will take a closer look these next week.


  1. The Chocolate Touch Chapters 1-3 (we read most of Chapter 1 in class). Answer the reading comprehension questions (homework pack).
  2. Spelling List 1 (Spelling City List 1)
  3. Bring in magazine or newspaper adverts to share with the class.
  4. YouTube Champions: Amaia and Anna