Lesson 3

It was great to get to meet all the parents in class today!

Here’s what we covered this week.

We learned a little more about alliteration (and tongue twisters). Here’s a great video to help the kids remember what alliteration is.

Our YouTube poetry champions were Anna and Amaia. They read out:

Burpalicious – written by Amaia herself!

Peanut Butter Sandwich by Shel Silverstein (click on the link for a fun animation of the poem. Here’s more information on this famous children’s poet)

We also had another discussion about print advertising and identified common features and language. Next week we’ll be revising this and planning our own adverts.

In P4M the children got to do this great Autumn word search. Perhaps you’d like to try it too!


  1. Read The Chocolate Touch Chpt 4-6 and complete the comprehension questions (homework pack).
  2. Learn spelling list 2 (Spelling City List 2)
  3. Complete the Types of Sentences worksheet
  4. YouTube Champions: Elio and Emma