Lesson 4

There were some excellent poetry choices on the part of Elio and Emma today! How on earth did they know we were going to listen for onomatopoeia?! Well somehow they did. Elio read November Night Countdown by Moira Andrew, full of firework sounds, and Emma read Breathing by Steve Turner, with lots of puffing and sniffing. Here are some other poems by him about school.

What is onomatopoeia I hear you ask?

We also looked a bit closer at the language of adverts and talked about next week’s project, which is to create our own adverts. We didn’t really get into planning the advert, so you can ignore this bit of the homework, but you might want to talk through some ideas anyway.


  • Read chapters 7-9 of the Chocolate Touch. Answer the comprehension questions.
  • Spelling list 3 (Spelling City List 3)
  • Complete the Dictionary Detective worksheet.
  • Talk to another person about the chocolate advert you are designing and add any extra ideas you have to the planning worksheet. Bring in any pictures you might want to use.
  • YouTube Champions: Camille and Michel

Class worksheets for absent students

  • The advert we looked at is here (apologies for the poor quality image)
  • The worksheet we used is here.