Lesson 8

Today, really got stuck into to reading the first few chapters of our new class reader, Akimbo and the Elephants by Alexander McCall Smith.  Each student received a bookmark with a job that they need do while completing their reading homework. They will then share the results with their reading circle. I look forward to hearing their feedback next week.

We also learnt about the second use of the apostrophe – for possession. Here’s a fun reminder:

We listened to some great YouTube readings from Alexandre (The Lion and Albert by Stanley Holloway – click here to hear it being read out) and Arcadia (Cat in the Dark by John Agard). We also revised similies and I promised to post this video for the children to rewatch at home. Enjoy!


  • Spelling list 7
  • Read the next two chapters of Akimbo and the Elephants. Use your bookmark to prepare for next week’s class (make notes).
  • Possessive plurals worksheet.
  • YouTube champions: Julia and Gayatri