Lesson 10

This week we discussed the upcoming Readathon that the class will participating in to raise money for the charity Elephants for Africa. Our class reader, Akimbo and the Elephants, focuses on a child who helps his father stop poachers from killing elephants. As a class we want to help protect them too!

The Readathon also encourages the children to read more at home over the holidays and makes present buying easy – English books of course! The idea is that each child asks adults they know to become sponsors who will donate a certain amount of money to the charity for every book (or magazine) they read in English.  Parents need to sign to verify the books have been read. Sponsor forms and reading record sheets will be distributed next week.

We also had a presentation on Zambia from Remi who had the role of Creative Connector as homework and we wrote questions to ask the elephant expert who is visiting class next week. Finally, we also squeezed in learning how to use speech marks (inverted commas) in our writing.

Our final YouTube contributor was Stella who chose this poem:


  • Finish Akimbo and the Elephants. Prepare your job for discussion in class.
  • Spelling List 9
  • Punctuation Challenge 2 and Comic Strip Speech sheets.