Lesson 22

I completely forgot to update the blog before the holidays as Lesson 21 was pretty much filled up with completing assignments for the student evaluations!

However, I did talk to the children about Toby Little and his quest to write a letter to every country in the world (read more about this here www.writingtotheworld.com You can also follow his progress on Facebook). I had contacted Toby’s mum, Sabine, so P4B received a letter from Toby (below) and were tasked with replying for their holiday homework.


Today, we read out some of students letters in class and it was lovely to hear them share a bit about themselves and their lives. The children were also very excited to hear that Toby is currently in Paris to celebrate the launch of his book Dear World, How are You? in French. There’s an article and video in Le Parisien on him here. The children might want to check out the French publisher’s map with all the locations of the people Toby has corresponded with, here.

We also started a couple of activities in class today inspired by Toby’s project. The first, is our Reading Reading rewards scheme. For every English book read (and signed-off by a parent), the children will receive an international postage stamp to collect or swap with friends. Hopefully, they’ll be inspired to learn about the countries they come from, the languages spoken there, and a little bit of global history featured.

The second activity is a poster presentation on a country or animal of the students’ choice. Each child will take their turn researching and presenting interesting facts to their class. Places chosen so far include Egypt, Germany, and St. Lucia. We’ll also be hearing about koalas, snow leopards, killer whales and bald eagles!

Finally, we learned a little about Earth Day which will take place on the 22nd of April.


Group A: Read and complete the ‘introductory activities’ sheet with an English speaker. Use and online dictionary to hear the sound of the words to check.

Group B: Change these present tense verbs into the past tense and write a short story with them. Include lots of descriptive words and remember to use your VCOP sheet! Minimum 10 lines; maximum 1 page of A4.



  • Spelling List 17
  • Reading Reward Challenge
  • Research (and produce, if you are Arthur, Camille or Alice) your poster. For guidelines on what to include click here (coming soon).