Lesson 23

Today, it was the school Open Day, so we were proud to share our Readathon achievements with visitors to the school. At the final count, P4 raised almost 1000 euros for Elephants in Africa! Well done everyone!

We clearly have some enthusiastic readers (or perhaps just stamp collectors?) as I was delighted to hand out lots of colourful postage stamps as rewards for reading last week.

We continued our focus on learning about and caring for the world around us with a reading comprehension on The Importance of Trees and some fantastic student presentations: Alice told us all about parrots and Arthur described his trip to watch an active volcano at night in Sicily.  If you were interested in these topics, check out the videos below:



Group A: Complete your spelling sheets and get someone to quiz you on the words.

Group B: Complete the some/any worksheet


  • Spelling List 18 (double letters)
  • Reading Reward Challenge
  • Research (and produce, if you are Camille, Gabriel, Arcadia or Stella) your poster.