Lesson 26

Before we headed to the park today we had two fantastic presentations from Michel (T-rex) and Emma (Koalas). Here’s a a fun video explaining how you can make a T-rex out of modelling clay and link to the Australian Koala Foundation, who work to protect the koalas.

At the park, we spent a lot of time examining plants, looking for bugs, observing birds, identifying statues and counting many, many lamp posts, benches and rubbish bins!

After snacks, birthday cake, and a playground break, we recited and then wrote our own Bug Chant in pairs before returning to the school to pick up our bags.

Thanks to our lovely volunteers: Daphne, Sonia and Laure-Elise. Your help was much appreciated!

In other news, Toby Little received the letters from class P4B this week. Here is the link to his facebook page where his mum posted pictures. He is currently back in France and just featured on the front page of Le Petit Quotidien!


  • Get an adult at home to read out the spelling dictation and see how well you do.
  • Learn the last columns of spelling list Year 1 and 2 for final in class spelling test!
  • Complete any worksheets you have been given.
  • Last chance for reading rewards!
  • Bring back any books belonging to SIS.
  • Final poster presentations (Gayatri/Mael/Anna)