Lesson 2

Today, we kicked off our lesson with a 10 minute free writing exercise: What is your favourite sweet treat and why? We then read the start of our class reading book The Chocolate Touch together. I told the children I would post one of my favourite Michael Rosen poems for them: Chocolate Cake!

We went on to watch a video of different toy adverts and discussed the purpose of advertising (persuading us to buy something). We noticed that they don’t include negative information and brainstormed some positive adjectives adverts might use. We looked at some print examples and will take a closer look these next week.

Next, was a quick revision of present simple subject-verb agreement. Finally, we listened to our YouTube Champions read out their poems and we listened for rhymes and repetition. Both were great choices: Louis read Roald Dahl’s The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me and Illaria read Walking the Dog by Julia Donaldson.


  1. The Chocolate Touch Chapters 1-3 (we read up to page 19 in class). Answer the reading comprehension questions (A).
  2. Page 5 and 6 spelling book – learn the words for a test next week (you can use your ‘spelling menu’ sheet or the spelling city website to help you practise. Information for parents here). On page six, just circle NOT dot and dash the words containing ‘magic e’.
  3. Bring in magazine or newspaper adverts to share with the class.
  4. YouTube Champions: Victor and Anna

Don’t forget the P4 reading challenge!